Hello ZenPayroll!

After a couple of great years at Twitter, I decided to make a change that’s consistent with my journey so far of joining a smaller company at each step (Microsoft -> Groupon -> Twitter -> ZenPayroll). My time at Twitter was fun, and I was lucky to have worked with and learned from many great people. Twitter is a great company, with a very bright future. So why did I make a change?

A couple of reasons:

  • I wanted to join a smaller team and work on a product that early adopters love to use.
  • I wanted to explore a different domain, ideally solving problems for small businesses. My dad is small business owner, so I’m familiar with the problems he faced and I see how software can make his life much better.
  • I wanted to go back to building things day to day.

Through my search, I talked to many people, as well as founders of companies in various stages. I was lucky to get several offers from very promising startups, and ended up deciding to join ZenPayroll.

Here’s why I chose ZenPayroll:

  • People: I was impressed by the quality of the team Josh, Eddie and Tomer put together. The amount of effort that was put into interviewing candidates, especially at this early stage, is a sign that they are dedicated to building a great team.
  • Product:Enterprise software is becoming more accessible to consumers, and this is just the beginning. There are many successful B2B startups leading the way in this space and there are amazing opportunities ahead. Early adopters I talked to were delighted with their ZenPayroll experience.
  • Culture: Starting with the interview, it felt like I was joining a family. Everyone I talked to on the team was excited about their work. The team was operating with an ownership mentality and everyone was eager to help each other, even across disciplines. Founders are focused on the long term. Josh explains it best in his Stanford talk.

I am thrilled to be joining ZenPayroll and can't wait to see what we'll build together.