Golden Gate Bridge Photowalk

Golden Gate Bridge Photowalk

I’ve been wanting to do a photowalk for a long time so I finally signed up for one. It was my first photowalk and there were a few other fellow beginner photographers who were also doing it for the first time. I discovered two things I had never used before that are pretty important: the diopter adjustment dial and the white balance setting.

I always wondered why my manual shots were coming out a bit blurry - well the diopter adjustment fixes that. Sure, post-processing can create similar effects to those you can achieve by playing with the white balance settings but the right setting may mean less post-processing.

God rays

The photowalk guide calls this “God rays”, apparently an inside joke from his photography school.

Halo under the bridge

A little while later, the sun came down to right behind the tree creating this cool halo. Some other scenes I’ve never noticed walking around before:

No trespassing

Peek into the bay



It was a fun photowalk, learned quite a bit. I haven’t been able to find many photowalks online but the guide suggested a couple of options in the city that I will be checking out in the next few weeks. Spending just 30 minutes with other people can be more helpful than watching long videos on youtube.