Los Angeles Streets And A Wedding

Los Angeles Streets And A Wedding

We were in LA for a friend’s wedding and I happened to have bought a new 85mm lens a few weeks before the trip. I took it with me as my only lens to give it a try.

I have been looking for a 85mm lens for a while. While Nikon’s own 85mm f/1.4G lens is really nice, I didn’t want to pay the $1,600 price tag for it. On Prime Day, I saw Samyang 85mm F1.4 Lens had a nice discount on it’s already low price so I didn’t miss the opportunity. Now, it’s a manual lens, and I knew that before buying. And it doesn’t have VR like the Nikon’s own lens, so it won’t be as good in video or low light but it is a pretty nice lens for the price. Also, this is my first manual only lens that I would use regularly and it has been great learning not being able to use auto focus.

At first, it’s been hard trying to get the light focus right at the same time using the focus ring. So I would first take a random shot to see what lighthing looks like and focus is like and calibrate from there for the best combination. It’s fine if the subject is not moving and there is enough natural light, but it took some adjusting otherwise.

Shu Chen

The bokeh and the level of background separation with this lens is pretty nice.

It’s probably not the best lens for street photography but it’s still good to take photos of people from a distance. This is especially useful when taking photos of strangers on the street without having to get too close.

People walking

Street Singer

I posted this photo of the street singer to Facebook’s photography group for feedback. I received many tips for post processing which is something I want to improve. Hopefully next photoset will have some improvements :)

Also, for this one specifically it would’ve been interesting to take it from another angle to separate the performer from the background even further. Something I didn’t pay much attention to while trying to focus with a manual lens as the subject was moving.

Man at the bar


And here’s a picture from the wedding, featuring a very handsome model


he is single ;)